ohw? x Scroobius Pip II

Posted on August 30, 2017 by Trudy Gill

We’re bringing more exciting news to you all… We are proud to announce that after a successful first collaboration  are launching a second collection with British Hip Hop Artist & Spoken Word Poet Scroobius Pip today!!

We first got together in September 2016, the collaboration boot featured Scroobius Pip’s handwritten logo on the back of the boot with his personal label motto on the inside.

After a design-led meeting with Scroobius Pip a mini collection was created incorporating three of our classic styles. For men’s we’ve taken Hawkins and Deacon and for women’s, Keegan and Deacon but with a unique new look. The three styles come in naturally tanned full grain burnished leathers. The men’s colourway is a rich brown/black finish and the women’s is a dark gunmetal/black finish. 

Each pair includes our ‘signature’ detailing that is size markers on the uppers and contrast hand-stitching. ‘Brand’ details include Scroobius Pip laser cut logo on the heel tab and Scroobius Pip branding on the sock of each product.

Men’s sizing ranges from UK6 – UK12 and women’s UK3-UK8. This exciting collab is available to buy right now through here - don't miss out! 


 “We may not be for you and that’s fine”



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ohw? x Scroobius Pip

Posted on September 30, 2016 by Cherilyn Charlton

We are excited to share our new collaboration with Hip Hop Artist & Spoken Word Poet Scroobius Pip. Together we have designed a dual branded high top boot which launches for pre-order today! 

Scroobius Pip is as a UK spoken word poet and hip hop recording artist from Stanford-le-hope, Essex. He first gained prominence as one half of hip hop duo Dan le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip sparked by their debut single ‘Though Shalt Always Kill’. 

We initially approached Pip (as he likes to be called) in regard to sponsoring his hugely successful podcast - Distraction Pieces but we got talking and decided to embark upon a collaboration. Pip is a self-confessed sneaker nerd so this project was right up his street. A couple of weeks later we sat down with our footwear designers and the idea came to life as we sifted through materials & added Pips handwritten logo to our designs. 

Scroobius Pip’s openness and honesty about who he is and what he stands for is what appealed to us from day one. Pip's motto of “We may not be for you and that’s fine” resonates with our brand ethos of everything we do being a reflection of ohw? we are.

We will be launching the collaboration on a limited run of only 36 pairs. Each pair will include a signed Polaroid of Pip from a recent shoot we did in London. Available for pre-order here - don't miss out! 

“We may not be for you and that’s fine”



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World Naked Bike Ride - Bristol

Posted on June 10, 2016 by Cherilyn Charlton

Like the name suggests ‘World Naked Bike Ride’ takes place all over the world. From the United Kingdom to Japan, from Russia to the United States, it’s huge!

I decided to show my support by attending Bristol’s Naked Bike Ride. I thought it only apt working within the footwear industry and most riders sporting nothing but shoes!

This years event took place on Saturday, 4th June and I was lucky enough to witness the riders in all their glory! Body paint, slogans, jiggly bits.

Cyclists were urged to lose as many clothes as they want and ride through the city in a celebration of bikes and bodies.

The cycle kicked off from The Full Moon Backpacker Hotel in North Street, Stokes Croft before heading around the city.

Amongst all the fun we are not to forget that the event is held for a really great cause. According to the United Nations, close to a million species of plants and animals could disappear from the face of the earth in the next 50 years as a result of greenhouse gasses being released primarily from motor vehicles.

The event was advertised on Facebook stating the following from the organisers : "Join a celebration of bikes and bodies, highlighting the vulnerability of cyclists on our crowded roads; a peaceful, powerful demonstration against car culture and oil-dependency.”

"There will be body painting, flags and banners, horns to sound and whistles to blow.”

"Nudity is not compulsory! The theme is 'as bare as you dare'."

Since 2004, cities across the world have experienced the joy of the world's largest naked event promoting cycling. 

Some words from some of the riders:

“We paint our bodies and decorate our bikes with political messages or beautiful designs to complement our forms." 

“Getting people to laugh and smile is a great way to connect and share ideas in a non-threatening way.”

The whole event was so much fun! What better way to get the message across?  

World Naked Bike Ride is taking place in London this weekend... do you dare to bare?

ohw? are you? We ask photographer duo Ilka & Franz

Posted on February 05, 2016 by Cherilyn Charlton

We continue with our 'ohw? are you?' blog series. This time we talk to London based photographer duo Ilka & Franz. The duo have a fantastic portfolio of quirky and minimalist conceptual work involving people, objects and animals. We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with them.

Anyway, enough from me... let's hear from the guys themselves. 

How did you guys first meet?

Ilka: This is really not a very exciting story... because we met at a house party in Bethnal Green in East London... Franz had just arrived in London to start assisting and I had been here a few years already. 

What made you decide to become a creative photography duo?

Franz: We did a few projects together at the beginning and somehow that led us to talking about ideas and shoots and opportunities a lot, so it kind of evolved from there. I also look at it as a family business, which is something I always wanted. 

Ilka: Plus, it made sense to work as a team because our skills and experiences and the ways in which we work are quite different but really compliment each other.

Was the move to London brought on by career opportunities or would have moved over to the UK none-the-less?

Ilka: I went to uni here and somehow still haven't managed to go home so I didn't choose London to further my career but it developed here and I'm sure it did in a very different way than it would have in Germany.

Franz: For me it was a more conscious decision. I was looking for opportunities to assist and learn from photographers and for that London is great.

You started off creating wonderfully quirky portraits, what inspired you to broaden your scope to incorporate still life photography?

Franz: Somehow we always thought still life is boring but at the same time people started telling us that our portraits remind them of still life work because they are so precise and static. We started combining our portraits with objects and later even worked still life elements into our portraits. Leaving the human out and focussing on objects only was a natural progression. 

Ilka: Yes, and now were really into it. We still love portraiture but still life is great too. It is a very different way of working. It is a lot more crafty and can be very tricky and fiddly. Each shot is a real challenge. In still life there are few lucky accidents, if any at all. 

How did you stumble across ohw? & what was it about the brand that interested you?

Ilka: I can't remember for sure but chances are we found you on Instagram. We are always on the lookout for brands to work with and with ohw? we liked the product as well as the existing photography. That makes it easy to come up with ideas and we loved that you were so open to our very different and quirky approach. 

Which artists/photographers do you draw inspiration from?

Ilka: There are so many. We gather inspiration from all over the place and it is not only photographers. It can be a painting or some silly snap we stumble upon online. I think it is much more internet culture and sometimes the outside world that give us ideas rather than other professional artists.  

What is the piece of work you are most proud off?

Franz: This is a difficult question. We look at our own work so much and I think with every project it gets better so I tend to be proudest of whatever is our latest work. That is because it tends to be our best and I haven't had much time yet to get tired of it. 

Ilka: I think there are individual pictures that you grow fond of over time. They kind of stick with you and come to being the pictures you enjoy most showing. I think the most important thing is though that with every project or commission we try to make it our best work yet. 

Thanks guys, it was an absolute pleasure talking to you! 

Take a look at more of their portfolio here: Ilka & Franz 


The Future Is Now | The House That Google Built

Posted on November 19, 2015 by Cherilyn Charlton

It’s no secret that we here at ohw? are fans of innovation and technology - always striving to look to the future and to think outside the box. So when we heard about this century old San Francisco home, renovated by the innovative mind of Wesley Chan, an early employee of Google, we knew it was worth talking about.

(Mr.Chan and his partner Pat Blute. Pat wearing the Dan boot) 

The three bedroom home is almost completely controlled by the use of a smart phone. Lights, window shades and music are all easily manipulated by the swipe of a hand. Guests simply download the easy to use app and voila, their Spotify mix can be heard in any chosen room.

Besides the technological features, the home is also a designers dream! Featuring custom built furniture, white oak floors and a downstairs studio apartment which has been the host of many start up founders looking for help in their recent ventures, what more could you want? The exterior perfectly matches the classic design of your average Bay area home whilst the technological components are neatly hidden away. It’s all about simplicity and accessibility for Mr.Chan, something we here at ohw? can completely relate to. 

Thanks for the tour guys! 


Photo Source: Wall Street Journal

ohw? are you? We ask Tony Bannister of Scout

Posted on July 27, 2015 by Cherilyn Charlton

ohw? are you? Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

I have a fashion degree background, my first job was working for a very cool trend forecasting agency based in Covent Garden, London where I learnt from the ground up how to research & visualise cool trends which clients all over the world bought to use in the development of their ranges. I worked there for 7 years as a designer, Head of Womenswear & then Head of the Studio which allowed me travel over the world meeting agents & client & doing season trend forecasts presentations,. From the US to Brazil, Scandinavia & across Europe, all over Asia & down to Australia. This is where I learnt my craft & got the travel bug & which eventually led me to being offered a position to head up the Trend Bureau for one of Australia's largest department stores & emigrate to Australia which is where I was living until I moved back to London a few years ago. I then moved into the world of retailing as a Product Manager & Creative Director for a number of leading Australian retailers. I was responsible for not only the direction of the brand & the product but suppliers, marketing, merchandising & store concepts. Huge responsibilities & budgets but a great learning curve. One of my biggest achievements was turning a no name retailer & brand, recently acquired by a large privately owned manufacturer to being named Australia's No 1 retailer.

I think it’s fair to say you know your stuff having been in the industry for over 20 years… where did your interest in fashion stem from?

Growing up in the 1970's in the UK, influenced by music & style gurus like David Bowie & Bryan Ferry, I'd always had a strong leaning towards fashion. I used to design & make my own clothes when I was young & had an obsession with vintage fashion which living in a small northern town meant hunting & foraging in church hall jumbles sales at the w/e for rare & unusual cast-offs. I had a good eye & slightly original fashion sense. Much to the horror of my parents, I went through the stages of post Mod - Smoothes as they were labelled, glam rock, then punk then New Romantics. I noticed what people were wearing but strove to look & be different. 

At what point in your career did you think, it’s time, I need to build my own agency?

As various companies kept trying to poach me after various repositioning of successful brands, I decided to start my own consultancy & work for several Australian brands not just one to broaden my portfolio. This was successful up to the point where I could no longer take on any more clients exclusively which is when I decide to launch SCOUT to build a brand based on the experience I'd garnered over a 20+ period of forecasting and developing ranges. I also saw a gap in the market between how to forecast & how to realise product which no other forecast companies were doing . 

Is your vision of Scout complete or do you see it evolving?

We've been working in the fashion arena for a long time, but as the internet & pace of developing ranges has changed, so have the industries needs. There's constant need to change, for newness & now everyone has access to everything. Our job more & more is to edit & make sense out of the vast amount of information which is available. We've also moved into the Lifestyle & Interiors markets as this is a growing market & one which also needs direction & expertise on.  

Do you find it hard switching off? I for one find myself constantly staring at people’s shoes, my inner monologue running “what brand are they?”

I often say to my team, just because I'm not 'on-line', having a weekend 'off', away travelling or on holiday doesn't mean I'm switched off. You never are, I'm always seeing things or someone than can spark the germ of an idea or a trend. 

How would you describe your personal style & where do you draw inspiration from?

These days its more understated with a twist & I find inspiration from everything & everyone with travel always surprising & inspiring me. 

Where did you first encounter the brand ohw?? What was it specifically that caught your interest?

I saw it in Berlin @ the Premium trade fair. The simplicity of the presentation & product really stood out in what is a very crowded market. I felt it had a unique point of difference, modern, functional, clean but fashion forward.

And finally, what’s your top pick for AW15? I know that’s a hard question, of course you love them all!

In terms of colour, we've been forecasting all shades of blues for over 4 years but for AW15 we are talking about the importance of white & pale neutrals shades which for winter is quite unusual when the focus is always on black & greys. I suppose it's the polar opposite… whether it's a white sweatshirt or chancy knit, a white leather jacket & of course a pair of white ohw? sneakers, white is the new black! 

A great point to finish on, thanks Tony! 

Preview - ohw? Autumn/Winter '15 Collection

Posted on July 20, 2015 by Cherilyn Charlton

It's not time to put away your sandals just yet but it's never too early to start planning those Autumn essentials. 


For Autumn/Winter '15 we introduce a new range of more directional, sneaker-inspired styles to our existing contemporary classic collection.


A range inspired by the luxury sneaker market that combines our signature understated uppers with an exaggerated trainer style IMEVA sole unit with a leather rand. The range will feature three boots and two shoes that will feature special detailing like hidden ghillie laces, padded tongues and collars and much more. As always you can be assured of our use of quality full grain leather and wool, with a classic monochrome colour palette that have hints of autumnal accents.

Traveller & Relax

This season we decided to streamline our core styles into two distinct ranges.

The Traveller range will feature two new boots that build on the success of our classic styles like the Gatland, Farrell and Rowntree. Their casual sports inspired design is what lead to their appeal in the market and the range will continue to focus and expand on this approach in the future.

The Relax range is the most understated range, with pared down uppers married to our early stitch down, casual sole. Established styles Hiro, Roc and Dan are joined by a new, four-eyelet and two-ski hook casual boot.

Both the sole units in the Traveller and Relax ranges are combination rubber and phylon, the latter more usually found in the midsole of sports shoe constructions. These and the new lightweight Reflection unit give ohw? footwear the added benefit of being exceptionally easy to wear.

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