Autumn/Winter '15 Waterproof Range

Posted on May 18, 2015 by Cherilyn Charlton

ohw? Waterproof has been launched in response to customer demand and further demonstrates the brands manufacturing skills and expertise.

Since the brand launched under the guidance of two experienced footwear professionals in 2012, ohw? has brought a fresh approach to men’s footwear, combining contemporary and functional design with production knowledge and resources via it’s own factory in China.

The new Waterproof collection showcases a Goodyear Welted construction using hydrophobic full grain leather, treated suede and wool. This is a traditional method of footwear construction in which the insole, upper, and welt are sewn together, the welt is then stitched to the outsole so as to leave the upper surface of the insole free of tacks and stitches. 

The designs also feature a ‘bootie’ construction, which incorporates a waterproof membrane between the lining and the upper material that covers the whole of the last including under the foot. The membrane has insulating properties and all upper seams are sealed.

Tested in ohw?’s own industry accredited laboratory, the boots achieved no leakage following immersion in water for four hours and 15,000 flexes.

Two styles, four colourways – two high-cut plain front boots and two low-cut moccasin front boots – come in distinctive Black, Grey and Sand colour combinations and have blown rubber soles.

In typical ohw? style, each pair of showcases the workmanship of the factory and the people that make them, with details such as leather laces and socks, hand-stitching and size markers along the cut edges of the upper materials (the traditional way that shoemakers indicate the sizes of cut pieces).

Each boot is even individually hand-signed by the person doing the final quality check.

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