The Future Is Now | The House That Google Built

Posted on November 19, 2015 by Cherilyn Charlton

It’s no secret that we here at ohw? are fans of innovation and technology - always striving to look to the future and to think outside the box. So when we heard about this century old San Francisco home, renovated by the innovative mind of Wesley Chan, an early employee of Google, we knew it was worth talking about.

(Mr.Chan and his partner Pat Blute. Pat wearing the Dan boot) 

The three bedroom home is almost completely controlled by the use of a smart phone. Lights, window shades and music are all easily manipulated by the swipe of a hand. Guests simply download the easy to use app and voila, their Spotify mix can be heard in any chosen room.

Besides the technological features, the home is also a designers dream! Featuring custom built furniture, white oak floors and a downstairs studio apartment which has been the host of many start up founders looking for help in their recent ventures, what more could you want? The exterior perfectly matches the classic design of your average Bay area home whilst the technological components are neatly hidden away. It’s all about simplicity and accessibility for Mr.Chan, something we here at ohw? can completely relate to. 

Thanks for the tour guys! 


Photo Source: Wall Street Journal



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